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Designed to give you maximum performance by putting the weight right to the ends while keeping the body a combination of light-weight and strength...

So what ?   Good question ! 

Remember in the 4th form "General Science"...

"An object in motion tends to remain in motion (in a straight line) unless acted upon by an external force".. Here endeth the lesson..

SO.. Play with soft hands and let the mallet do the work. (where did you hear that before) These Terminators have a very high "moment of inertia" so they will stay on track as long as you don't strangle the handle.

The Brass ends are faced with an injection moulded Nylon/FiGlass composite that will give you just a bit of "feel". Think of these as "Tyres on a car". They are super tough and you can replace them after a few years. Because these are a normal wearing point they are not part of "warranty".  Kits available.

WARNING... These


BlackBirds and  Rainbows

Exactly the same thinking for terminal weighting and high moment of inertia. (GOOD)

The difference is that BlackBirds and Rainbows have an aluminium body that is very tough. They are powder coated for protection and colour finish.

Striking faces are natural brass for maximum energy transfer.

The brass head ends are identical to those in the CarbonXtremes (the Xtremes have an additional Nylon/Glassfibre striking face)


Horus  Egyptian inspired...

 Horus.. the falcon Egyptian God of the sky.

  • These are lighter than other terminators. Designed with golf Croquet in mind where you are playing just one ball..
  • They are just under 2lbs so you can play AC with them BUT there are better and easier options for that.

 Horus Heads look like a block of wood ??

  • They clearly have a timber look...BUT/AND.. the good stuff is all inside and hidden.
  • This cutaway shows how there is a large chunk of lead weighting hidden behind the striking face. This weight (at each end) gives the Horus some of the same properties of its big brothers. Terminal weighting that helps to keep them online.
  • The Tufnell striking faces are a traditional material that was used way back on the Model T Fords in the engines !  It is tough and withstands impact really well AND it's fibrous nature means it can be glued easily.
  • Those big stainless steel screws are pocketed into the back of the faces so that the glue dovetails the faces/screws in place.
  • Your Horus is fully interchangeable with the CarbonX and the BlackBirds so you can upgrade whenever you are ready.
  • --------------------------------------------------------




QuickLock.. QL

For traveling and convenience. Especially good for long handles, AND players who have not stopped growing. When they need a new Upper handle it is super inexpensive. Remember to order the 2 parts, a QLUpper AND a QLLower

You need to order a QuickLock Lower in either CarbonFlex or CarbonRigid... Then order a QL Upper in the grip shape you want.

Perhaps you love the Upper grip that you have... AND/BUT you want a QL-CF-Typhoon lower for playing G.C. (in the wind) and a full foam QL-CF-lower for AC... good thinking.



Hoop Setting

Hoop lifters

T Lifter improved lifting socket. Lighter in weight and heaps of lifting power for older style hoop.


SuperLifter Protects your lawns and makes lifting easy.

Designed with Quadways in mind

Two lifting options for maximum leverage.



T SuperClamp Traditional clamp with some good innovations.

Tool-less adjustment and good value.


T Digital BallGauge. Find the largest ball quickly and easily at minimum cost because..  
T Digital Caliper is used to quickly and easily check hoop size... (and is used with the ball gauge). Forget about feeler gauges and "the biggest ball".

T. Umpires Boards

Making life easy... Ever had a shot watched, faulted, and then the ball/s replaced somewhere else ? ARGH...

  • With these you just slide the board up until it A.L.M.O.S.T... touches the ball.
  • Mark the 2 front corners
  • Move the board away.


  • Slide the board back to the markers..
  • Replace the ball
  • Slide the board away and collect your markers
  • The back edge is straight for use as a straightedge
  • The tester "STRING" is stainless steel with a polymer coating (0.5mm thick

T. Umpires Board Bag Padded bag to keep it all together

Now included with your umpire's  board.


Watch this space.. U-Bag Photo coming.