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FAQ.... Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order ?    Just send me an email  with...

  • Your delivery address details

  • Include your Zip or postal code

  • Contact phone number (in case I need to give you a call)

  • Credit card info

  • Send your credit card  expiry and 3 digit security code  in the next email

  • Phone or txt those last bits through if you like) to +64 21 665 672

Use this email link  Mike@TerminatorMallets.co.nz


What sort of Warranty/Guarantee..

Terminators have a lifetime warranty/guarantee. That is my lifetime...

If it breaks or falls off then I will fix it at no cost to you.

You pay the freight to me... I pay the return freight.

The only exception is for abusive treatment or something that might be covered by your household insurance (E.G. terrorism, fire, earthquake, theft, vandalism, running over with your car)


Hammergrip  Hammergrip handles come in one contoured size.  (Oval cross section approx 38mm at widest )

So if you want a round handle CircularTapered is 38mm tapering down to 32mm

 OR the widest Cylindrical  handle is 32mm diameter  It is easy to increase this size with foam backed bindings.


So how is the handle length measured?.

From the top of the handle to the ground. The best length for you will depend on the grip that you use and your playing style. Solomon's grip is usually longer than Standard grip, and Irish grip will be shorter than that.

Solomons grip and Standard grip,  if you are about 1.73m (5'8") tall, then standard length is 910mm (36").

Irish Grip standard length will be between 810mm and 860mm (32"~34")

Terminator pricing


Removing your head  ouch!

When the time comes to get the head off your Terminator Mallet,

Unscrew the screw about 8mm (1/4") protruding from the bottom of the head,
Now, find a smooth, hard surface (like some smooth concrete)
and holding the mallet by the top of the handle, dangling vertically, 10 cm (4") above the surface,
jerk the mallet downwards so the screw smacks into the hard surface.

If you did it right, the head will have jumped down the shaft a little bit.
Extend the screw a bit more, and repeat.

When I get a really stubborn one, I use a longer screw (8mm metric from your local hardware store) to lessen the risk of damaging anything.

You might think that whacking the screw with a hammer would have the same effect.
SADLY, many things can go seriously wrong with that approach.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------QuickLock  ....

Use the smaller key and always remember:-

  • Clockwise tightens the handle (1/4 of a turn)
  • Anticlockwise loosens the handle (1/4 of a turn)
  • More than a quarter turn to tighten or loosen is a bad idea (The grubscrew backs up and locks in reverse !.
  • If you get confused... Always start by tightening the grubscrew clockwise .  Then unlock by anticlockwise 1/4 turn, remove the key, and twist apart your handle.


Send mail to Michael@TerminatorMallets.co.nz with questions  comments and orders