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     I build these mallets from scratch with loving care and other good stuff in order to achieve the best result for you (the player).



CarbonX 2014

This is what you have been waiting for..

Brand new in the market and they play even better than they look. The size and weight specs are similar to the Blackbirds and the Yellowboys but their "moment of inertia" is another story.

IE. 50mm Square carbon fibre tube instead of aluminium. The Carbon fibre  has 6 laminate layers and is still very light and incredibly strong. The carbon has 12 thousand filaments in each strand!

New ends are all brass, welded construction, and are faced with an injection moulded  Nylon/glass fibre. You will notice these ends are black. They are in response to senior players who prefer a touch of "feel"  (oh YES... there is a difference.

The "Flywheel" effect is maximised by the combination of the Carbon body and the Terminal weighting of the brass ends. Because the body is so light and the ends are so (relatively) heavy, the center of gravity of each body half is approx 20mm in from the striking face.

The 50mm sq format is very kind round the hoops and the "Sweet Spot" is maximised.

Terminator  Blackbird   maximises the turning effort needed to steer the head off track. Solid brass fabricated ends with fine random tooling allow easy rotation of the "back ball".  You will find the satin black powdercoat finish is easy care and easy on your eyes.

Blackbird Terminator's have  a central sighting line.     NEW...-->


Egyptian inspired Horus  Terminators          

New for 2014.... Made right here

These are lightweight golf croquet heads that are inspired by those used by the Egyptian World Champions.  (I previously imported those but that is another story)

Concealed (Terminal) weighting in behind the striking faces means you get Terminator advantages.

 These can take any of the Terminator handles. AND there is a lower price option for fixed handles in Controlled flex aluminium.

Duncan Dixon (N.Z.Open winner 6 times )  really likes the CarbonFlex Terminator handles.

Horus Pricing

Key Benefits of Terminator's

  • Interchangeable handles~heads. When your game style changes or you have a new special need, you can swap to a different length handle or change to a lighter or longer head.
  • End loading (TerminalWeight) of the heads keeps the mallet on track so you benefit from being able to repeat your favourite shots.
  •  Aluminium powder coated , Brass, and Tufnol / Nylon GRP /Composite  faces combine for a fabulous look and for "doing the business".
    • Handles are comfort grip EVA foam over polished Carbon/aluminium shafts. See info about the new Hammergrip (Hammergrip handles come in one contoured size.)
    • CarbonFlex handles are a composite of the lower portion of tapered carbon fibre (with the head fitting at the bottom) and an aluminium tube upper portion supporting the EVA  Hammergrip
    •  Handles ~heads have industry standard-size fittings for easy changing and transport. Now with a keyway
    • Carbon Flex now has a full length lower grip.

The prices listed in the pricelist are the "standard" items that I carry in stock. If you have your heart set on something slightly different then I would love to make those custom changes for you. Just ask me.

Terminator pricing


So how do I choose handle diameter?.     So how is the handle length measured  Choosing a grip type



Send mail to Michael@TerminatorMallets.co.nz with questions  comments and orders