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 Hoop lifters.

Uses the same principle as a builder's hammer.

Forget about wrenching those hoops out with a 4"x2"! 

These hoop lifters are compact enough to have one on each trolley. They work on one of the oldest principles known to man.. leverage. 

 "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the world." 

 These metal lifters are barely bigger than a carpenter's claw hammer. They use that same massive leverage (like pulling out a nail) to lift a hoop for the few millimeters needed to break the friction.

Same compact size --->

Your lady members will love them.

   Key Benefits

  • Small enough to go on each trolley.
  • Massive lifting power in a small package
  • Steel construction.
  • Finger tip control.
  • Uses the same principle as a builder's hammer.
  • Your lady members will love them.
  • Order more than one and you get a break on the freight.

NEW 50% larger lifting base -->




NEW Acrylic hoop-top protector -->


NEW  Tough Flexi plastic Carrot Guide  -->





Hoop lifter #239 $55.00
Freight NZ fr$nz $9.00
Freight Aust fr$nz $15.00



Send mail to Michael@TerminatorMallets.co.nz with questions  comments and orders