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CarbonXtreme 2014

Toby Garrison wins the NZ AC Open

Well done Terminator Toby.

Duncan Dixon wins the NZ GC Open

Well done Terminator Duncan

This is what you have been waiting for.. Xtreme

Brand new in the market and they play even better than they look. The size specs are similar to the Blackbirds and the Yellowboys but the physics are Xtreme.

IE. 50mm Square carbon fibre tube instead of aluminium. The Carbon fibre  has 6 laminate layers and is still very light and incredibly strong. Four of these layers run longways in the head so that the shockwave is transmitted without interference.

The 50mm sq format is very kind round the hoops.

New ends are all brass, welded construction, and are faced with an injection moulded NylonTM. These end faces are in response to senior players who prefer a touch of "feel".

The "Flywheel" effect is Xtreme from the combination of the Carbon body and the Terminal weighting of the brass ends.

In other words... They stay on track..

Available in 10" 11" 12" and 13"  Nominal size

280mm(11") Cx N is 1.000 kg  +-15g

303mm (12") Cx N is 1.030kg  +-15g

With CarbonXtreme

you can choose Light Normal Heavy

Terminator pricing



Oh YES!... This is a hand made shaft that I've made in response to top AC players. The shaft is 20mm diameter for the full length.. However.. the bottom end of the shaft is 3.2 thick and it thinnnnns out to 1.2mm thick at the top end.. SO WHAT ?...

The CarbonRigid shaft is super stiff and strong at the bottom end... super light as well. For all sizes up to .910mm (36") carbon all the way... If you need longer then I will mix and match to your extreme length.

If you combine with a quicklock then the upper (no strength required) might be Al cored..  "Stay strong."


"Wadda ya mean Half a handle ?"

Demountable QuickLock handles available now  from Terminator Mallets. Fabulous for when you travel  (or because you really deserve to have the latest gizmo). Lower shaft has a full length grip.

 Standard sizes with any Grip or Shaft  Add $50


1/4 turn with the key... instant  Quicklock Be sure to see the new SuperBags  That zip down to half size and include an internal pocket for the upper handle.

Terminator  Blackbird

If you play with "Dawson" balls you will have noticed that they are a lot livelier than the older balls.  A lighter mallet can provide some benefits.

The new brass heads (ends) which allows a weight adjustment of up to 7 ounces! while still maintaining physical integrity.

The body of the Blackbird mallet is an aluminium tube 50mm square . After all the machining is done they are powder coated, filled with a light-weight (closed cell) foam and assembled.

 Terminator's have  a central sighting line. 

Standard weight for a 254mm (10")  Blackbird Normal is 1.030 Kg (2lb 4oz)    LW is 0.91kg (2.0lbs)

All the changes are internal.           Terminator pricing



NEW..  CarbonFlex handles. Originally designed for golf croquet, these handles provide additional flex at the moment of impact. The lower shaft is a tapered (spiral wound) carbon/graphite composite and the upper shaft is aluminium tube.

Full choice of top grip.

So What..?  These are huge fun to play with.  Jump shots are "to die for" AND You never get handle jarring. The new CarbonFlex is custom made with a variable thickness to give amazing strength where it is needed.

The lower grip provides (some) hoop crashing protection (for enthusiastic players)

Lower grip now full length especially for AC players. 




Horus Egyptian Inspired  Terminators 

NEWfor 2014.... made right here..

  • Good thick Tufnol faces.
  • Inlaid ABS side plates.
  • Concealed end weighting and face fixing.
  • Industry standard handle socket 25mm .
  • Or.. save a dollar and have fixed handle.
  • Ball sequence  sight line
  • Length 260mm  50mm square.   weight 0.930kg (2lb) approx

  "Cut away" section of a HORUS head showing the concealed screw fixing and the concealed terminal (end) weighting.


Special Pricing  $90 plus handle/s




New... Improved.. Brass ends

Used in the making of CarbonX and Blackbird heads

These ends are now a one piece welded construction.. No glue!.. no screws!

Brass is very heavy and it is well suited for making the striking faces.

Metal ends are OK.. The laws now are more relaxed and allow anything that doesn't damage the balls (sharp edges.) This change makes good sense because it identifies the risk (sharp edges) and frees up the material specification. Interestingly, some of the new composite plastics are way harder than brass.


Hammergrip handles.   Other handle shapes

                                       Super comfortable

These have an oval cross section and taper wider towards the top of the handle. This wide-angle photo exaggerates the view and the darker profile line is just to indicate the shape.

Every time I'm on holiday or away playing,  I can't help looking at the latest trends and keeping an open mind about things that have stood the test of time.

Virtually every handle in a sports shop is tapered or is thicker at the (wrist) end. It makes sense.. Something that thickens at the end isn't likely to slip out of (my) hand.. even when it is slippery.

Hardly any handles are circular in cross section (ok.. billiard cue..) Most have an oval, octagonal, or some variation in between.

The shape of a builders hammer has evolved over centuries and it provides good clues to ergonomic design.

So.. I've made a machine that can shape a complex tapered oval handle for croquet mallets.

The foam used is a medium firm closed cell that feels good in your hand and doesn't attract or hold water (sweat or rain).

The upper shaft is aluminium tube and runs the length of the upper handle.

The controlled flex (aluminium handle) has  a stiffening component inside the handle that runs up to a bit above hoop height. This stiffener gives you 2 main advantages.

  •      1.. the shaft is strong and rigid at the business end

  •      2.. the modest flex in the upper end means you never get jarring in your wrists. 


Exaggerated view

Other handle shapes

Mallet Bags

Terminator bags... Nicely made from tough material and padded internally and externally.

The Terminator SuperBag is designed for the QuickLock handles.

They have an internal pocket for the QuickLock upper handle and an additional zipper half way up the bag so you can tuck in the "spare bag part" and zip shut.

 Key and Keyway

Terminators are all made with interchangeable heads ~ handles which makes them really good for transport and "mix and match".

If a round handle turns a little bit in the head.... no great problem.. BUT if a hand-fitting handle starts turning then much sadness.! Suddenly ,you are looking down the lawn but your mallet head is pointing somewhere else....

To overcome the twisting forces (where the handle joins  the head) I've added a NEW small raised key on the bottom end of the handle. This fits into a NEW keyway that is machined into the (head) socket.

The head and handle are firmly located.  Even with just modest pressure on the bottom retaining screw, the handle and head won't twist.

The spigot and socket are industry standard 25mm dia. There is slight clearance near the top to ease assembly.

Removing the head


Send mail to Michael@TerminatorMallets.co.nz with questions  comments and orders