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Paddy Chapman NZL wins the Worlds WCF AC 2018 ..

Paddy played exceptionally to win 3 of 5 against Reg Bamford (South Africa). Reg has worked in the UK for yonks and has a successful business as well as multiple successes in AC and GC

Paddy is originally from ChCh and completed his degree before marrying,  and having a family in the UK where he currently works and lives.

Both of them are wonderful guys and are a delight to watch in action.


NZL Six out of Seven qualify for the Worlds in Wellington

Jace Hobbs  (Nelson) Not Terminator.. but still a good guy

Graham Fisher (Wgtn) Terminator

Vincent Commarieu (Akl)  Terminator

John Arney (Aus)

Robery Lowe (AKL)

Ian Cammpbell (ChCH)  Terminator

Doug van-Belle (Wgth)

All qualify for the Worlds AC in Wellington.... Well done guys









Felix Webby wins the 2018 GC Open...Well done Terminator Felix