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Terminator Quadway hoops   

You might have these hoops already, especially if you host national/international events..

Not everyone knows about their three main advantages..   

Easy set,   Easy adjust,   Easy care




Paddy Chapman NZL wins the Worlds WCF AC 2018 ..

Paddy played exceptionally to win 3 of 5 against Reg Bamford (South Africa). Reg has worked in the UK for yonks and has a successful business as well as multiple successes in AC and GC

Paddy is originally from ChCh and completed his degree before marrying,  and having a family in the UK where he currently works and lives.

Both of them are wonderful guys and are a delight to watch in action.


NZL Six out of Seven qualify for the Worlds in Wellington

Jace Hobbs  (Nelson) Not Terminator.. but still a good guy

Graham Fisher (Wgtn) Terminator

Vincent Commarieu (Akl)  Terminator

John Arney (Aus)

Robery Lowe (AKL)

Ian Cammpbell (ChCH)  Terminator

Doug van-Belle (Wgth)

All qualify for the Worlds AC in Wellington.... Well done guys









Felix Webby wins the 2018 GC Open...Well done Terminator Felix