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Terminator series Mallets  New and Improved

World class competition mallets. Individually made with composite and metals. The design brief specifies interchangeable heads/handles, and keeping the weight as close as possible to the the striking faces.



Choosing Handle Grip shapes

CarbonRigid handles  These are hand made with linear carbon fiber.  The walls of the tube are tapered while the outside of the tube is 20mm all the way. SO... the lower tube is 3.2 mm thick and the top of the tube is only 1.1 mm thick..

SO.. you get a shaft that is really light and is super strong at the bottom (where it counts..)

Umpires Boards

Ever had a ball replaced, only to find that the hoop is now impossible? These umpires boards have all the bits that you need to arrive at a good decision and to mark and replace balls for the players.  Not a new idea! Just a jolly nice package that looks great as well. Hmmm. I like that.


Hoop lifters   New and Improved ---->

Forget about wrenching those hoops out with a 4x2! 
These hoop lifters are compact enough to have one on each trolley. They work on one of the oldest principles known to man.. leverage.  "Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I can move the world." 
These metal lifters are barely bigger than a carpenter's claw hammer. They use that same massive leverage (like pulling out a nail) to lift a hoop for the few millimeters needed to break the friction.


Terminator pricing  Other handle shapes 


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