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Boards all machined and formed.. awaiting final assembly and finishing.

Umpires boards.

Ever had a ball replaced, only to find that the hoop is now impossible? These umpires boards have all the bits that you need to arrive at a good decision and to mark and replace balls for the players.  Not a new idea! Just a jolly nice package that looks great as well.




  Key Benefits

  • They look great.
  • Making good decisions easy.
  • Stainless steel tester line.
  • Precision marking of critical balls.
  • Precise replacement of balls.
  • Straightedge for line out test.
  • A proven concept with a new approach.


  1. The socket (for the ball) is thermal moulded and snugs up to the ball at two points.
  2. You place the fluoro markers into the turf by using the cut-outs in the front edge corners as a guide.
  3. Move the marker board away and carry on.
  4. If the ball needs replacing, just position the board to the fluoro markers.
  5. Pop the ball back into the socket (points). All done!

Stainless Steel is used for the line tester. It is very strong and springy so it won't get in a tangle, It is just half of a millimeter in thickness and that includes its plastic coating. The two chromed end rings are comfortable on your fingers (and they make it easier to see on the grass if you drop it !)

You will find the line-tester is really good for proving whether a ball is in the hoop.



New.. Padded  Umpires Bag


Description  # Price
Umpires board


Umpires Bag #364 $20.00
Freight NZ

(Bag travels free with Board)

fr$nz $10.00
Freight Aust

(Bag travels free with Board)

fr$nz $15.00

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